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JUSTUSGOALKEEPERS our name says it all. We are goal players - we are your backing. We want to give you a personal service around your goalkeeping career, your education and goalkeeping training. Because we know how it is to be  the backing of the team. We know how important it is to have varied goalkeeping training. We know how to navigate your way in a youth academy at a top club. We know how to become the number 1 in the team. Regardless you are a youth player, a competitive player, a youth national squad player or a professional. With us you have the best goalkeeper training. We advise you on your way. We can teach to you social media competence. Contact coaches and clubs for you. Shape and push your career.


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Do what you love to do

Do what you love to do. I'm Fabian, founder of JUSTUSGOALKEEPERS. I joined the Hamburger SV Acedmey at the age of 16. At least from that moment on, my life revolves around the goalkeeping game. As the number 1 in the German Under 20 DFB national team, or as a player for Hamburger SV or FC St. Pauli. I got to know a lot of coaches, manager  and trainers. And accompanied many professionals on their way.


"Balls! We need balls!"

Oliver Kahn
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